XO Extracts is a British Columbia-based team who have taken advantage of the abundance of unique and well-recognized strains grown in BC. Their appreciation of craft-cannabis has led them to where they are now, providing Canadians with cannabis-related products ranging from clear, glass-like shatter to their signature Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or shatter vape cartridges. All XO Extracts Shatter Carts are made from premium AAA+ grade flowers. Their team of extraction artists use strictly phenotype-specific mug runs to ensure consistency and quality while preserving the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids of each individual strain. Flowers are extracted using Across International closed loop system fitted with dewaxing columns, and medical grade butane as a solvent. The BHO is then purged over 100 hours to guarantee a solvent-less end product. XO’s signature Shatter Carts differentiate from distillate pens – since their vape pens are made with shatter, they provide more beneficial cannabinoids and real, un-adultered terpenes, giving more of a full spectrum high or experience.


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