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UK Cheese is a world renowned hybrid strain, hailing from Great Britain. UK Cheese was originally created in the 1990s by inbreeding the hybrid strain Skunk #1, a strain which already has rich, diverse genetics. It is most likely that the sativa-dominant hybrid parentage of UK Cheese gives it that characteristic cheesy and skunky yet sweet, berry-like aroma. Regardless of the time of day, UK Cheese offers users plenty of benefits and makes great for all-around use.

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UK Cheese

Grab your charcuterie board and get ready to delight yourself with this delectably pungent cheese strain! The UK Cheese, of course, hails from the great British Isles, and was created by inbreeding the infamous Skunk #1. It also goes by the name of Exodus Cheese, named after its original creators at Exodus breeders. It is also sometimes referred to as simply Cheese, or  Cognitiva. It is a hybrid strain that tends to be sativa leaning, though offers a nice balance of effects. UK Cheese carries up to 23% THC concentration in addition to 1% CBD and 1% CBN, and offers a fast acting and euphoric high. Its balanced blend of effects make it a favourable choice for those seeking the best of both worlds, though its unique and bold flavour profile of cheese notes with a hint of sweetness make it an even more popular choice amongst cheese and pungent strain lovers!


UK Cheese should be consumed sparingly as its effects are fast acting, and they will hit you hard! As a balanced hybrid, you’ll feel both body and head highs, and it is primarily intensely euphoric. It is a great mood lifter that will have you feeling upbeat, happy, focused and lively, catering to those who suffer from fatigue, stress or depression. It is also relaxing physically and mentally, so despite its upbeat nature, it can help relax you enough to fall asleep if you suffer from insomnia. These relaxing effects in combination with its uplifting nature make it ideal for alleviating chronic pains, migraines, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medical usage aside, it’s a great well-rounded, feel good type of strain for when you simply want to relax!

THC Content

The UK Cheese strain offers from 20% to 23% THC potency on average, plus around 1% CBD and 1% CBN, which adds to its dynamic effects. A hybrid, it can typically be sativa or indica leaning, but caters more towards sativa-like effects. It is a phenotype of Skunk #1, and was created as a result of its inbreeding. Skunk #1, or Skunk, is one of the most popular strains of all time, and was also originally created in Europe in Holland a few decades ago, though it was the result of crossing a few landraces found in South and Central Americas, Thailand and Afghanistan. The Skunk strain is indica dominant with a ratio of 65% indica to 35% sativa. It also carries about 1% CBD and 1% CBD, though its THC levels sit closer to around 19% on average.

Appearance & Aroma

The nuggets of UK Cheese are large and fluffy with a bit of an elongated shape. They take on a more sativa-like appearance with its loose flowers. This strain has a darker forest green colouring, and its orange pistils twist all throughout. It is sticky at the touch due to its crystal trichomes, and their shimmer give off a dewy appearance. It is known to be a strongly pungent strain, a trait that it proudly takes from Skunk #1. Because of this, it is not recommended if you are looking to be discreet as it’ll permeate the air! The dominant aromas are tangy, skunky, though with a bit of a light sweetness that can be similar to blue cheese! There are also notes of earthiness. Upon exhale, these same scents can be tasted in addition to a smooth creaminess. It is quite pungent and not for everybody, though cheese and skunk lovers will adore this unique taste!

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15 reviews for UK Cheese
  1. Sneijder Medina

    What a amazing strain it hits so hard and gives a amazing high….literally after one hit from my bong I was stoned 🙃100% will buy again

  2. James potter

    I really enjoy this strain. It’s great if you wanna get stoned but you also have shit to do. No couch-lock here.

  3. Crazy.bby

    One of my fav’s so far!!! Great for kicking back, & just being happy & in a great mood!!!

  4. Victor Marta

    UK Chesse was an exciting strain to smoke. It had me all in the highest of highs from smoking cannabis.

  5. Ricky wolf

    Great for sex and if you are a guy you will stay hard for hours. When you cum it is incredible and this strain intensifies afterglow.

  6. Jack Rogan

    I had been asking about this strain for quite a while before I caved & bought a hp. I have severe anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain & depression, my anxiety is a huge issue in purchasing anything. My budtender told me that he could never form an opinion because it knocked him out! So I rolled one up & WOW😍☺️🤪🤤Great pain relief, no anxiety or paranoia at all, PTSD under control. Tried to watch a movie & dozed off into a wonderful sleep! No night terrors or sleep talking. Needless to say, I’ve purchased more.

  7. joe

    Great shop with high quality merchandise. Stock can be limited, but understandable with a recent startup business. Sales staff are always welcoming, knowledgeable, and have a positive attitude! Visited them today, only to find out that they were broken into two days ago. Finding their excellent customer service in lieu of the crappy circumstances. I will always support local businesses, and this is one to experience.

  8. Albert

    Love this stuff, the smell and taste is amazing and the effects are perfect every time , I think this is the best overall strain , my personal fav

  9. Reece Erick

    Love it. So chilled, great for listening to Reggae. Major munchies, ate a kebab filled cheese burger after a steak dinner then a packet of chocolate digestives. Everything tasted great.

  10. Toby

    The first strain I’ve found here to make me laugh noticeably harder.🥰

  11. Hugo lópez

    love taking this at night as it puts me to sleep really well!

  12. Freddie Nixon

    Bought this yesterday. By far the best strain I’ve ever had.

  13. Malik


  14. Trinity kris

    Mellow high, gets you so relaxed and talkative with your mates. Best of British, pick it up if you can!

  15. Mike.3gs

    Had one packing joint, high as fuck.

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