THC: 87.60%
CBD: 1.60%
CBN: 1.20%

Made from the extract of one of the most popular strains in the past decade, Girl Scout Cookies Shatter or GSC-S is an extremely well-balanced hybrid with prominent characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. This 40/60 sativa indica strain boasts levels of THC sometimes reaching stratospheric ratings as high as 28%! With GSC-S, users experience a lethargic, couch bound high all while feeling happy, euphoric and creative at the same time! Users have also raved about how wonderfully sweet the GSC-S tastes! Being such a well-balanced strain, GSC-S is recommended for all level of smokers! Shatters are very potent concentrates. Girl Scout Cookie is consistently one of the most potent cannabis strains. Make Girl Scout Cookie into a shatter, and the potency becomes more than the sum of the whole. DTPC in Riverside has a Girl Scout Cookie that is a gorgeous deep, translucent golden-amber. Its honey coloration will make you feel like Pooh in the honey jar as you affix the pliable shatter to the nail. It’s a power hitter, rapidly filling your lungs and chest while smoothly moving up to your head and down your arms and legs. Relax, and feel your mind and body expand. Like Girl Scout Cookies should be shared, Girl Scout Cookie shatter is most wonderfully apropos in social situations.


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