Cake Crasher by Doctor Coughee is a delectable indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) with THC levels that have recorded as high as 30%! Originally created by the infamous Seed Junky Genetics as a cross between Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher, BC-based former Karma Cup winner Doctor Coughee perfected this phenotype before deeming it worthy of Canadian standards. This exotic hybrid is truly worthy of its’ dessert namesake, exhibiting a unique aroma and flavour profile that consists of creamy vanilla, sweet fruit and subtle diesel undertones.

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Cake Crasher

You may have heard of Wedding Cake as well as Wedding Crasher, though this highly euphoric indica leaning strain is the child (or grandchild) born out of the marriage between these two Weddings, creating what is known as the delectable Cake Crasher! Originally created by Seedy Genetics, this phenotype is an exciting and hard to find indica, and both indica lovers and medical users may want to snatch it when given the chance due to its rarity. With undeniably tasty, sweet and fruity dessert flavours, this phenotype was bred by British Columbia based Doctor Coughee, offering Canadians a super potent and sedative high that can at times be reminiscent of the two parent Wedding strains. The astounding blissful high is both euphoric and relaxing, backed by a THC potency that has been tested to reach as high as an intimidating 30%, so beginners may want to be cautious! 


Novice users may find this strain overwhelming as it is quite potent, though it is widely noted to be extremely relaxing and uplifting otherwise if you are careful with your dosage! After a few tokes, you will first experience a cerebral and hazy head high as you begin feeling happy and as your mood is quickly elevated. If you are chilling at home (and we recommend that you do when using this strain), you will soon find yourself couch locked as the high begins to sedate you with waves of ultimate relaxation. Its sedating effects will help wash away any bodily aches or pains, whether they are chronic issues or short lived, including those associated with muscle spasms, arthritis, and headaches, while its euphoria will allow you to forget any negative thoughts and stress! It is also great for managing depression and insomnia.

THC Content

Cake Crasher is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 60% indica dominance to 40% sativa. It typically averages at 30% THC, and on the lower end of the spectrum has been measured at 24%, though has also reached as high as 36%. With such numbers, this strain is definitely not for the faint hearted! Its parent, Wedding Cake, which is a child of Cherry Pie and the famed Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), is also indica leaning with the same 60% to 40% ratio, with a THC potency that averages at a high 25%. Wedding Crasher, on the other hand, is a cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, which, as you can guess by its name, is a super heavy hitting strain. Wedding Crasher is a sativa dominant hybrid with a 70% dominance to 30% indica, with THC potency averaging between 13% to 21%.

Appearance &  Aroma

Cake Crasher buds from Doctor Coughee are truly pretty and beautiful. They are piecey and chunky with a pointed tip, with dark and rich curling leaves. There are patches of deep purples amongst olive and mint green shades, with tiny golden orange pistils peaking throughout. It is coated in a generously thick layer of crystal trichomes, giving it a luxuriously frosty appearance. While it can be gassy with diesel like notes, this harsher aroma is balanced by sweet fruit, namely grapes and berries, and a fresh earthiness. When smoking, this combination of scents can also be tasted in addition to a vanilla creaminess that is reminiscent of cake, similar to its two cakey parents!

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