Easily one of the most aromatic autoflowering strains on the market today, Blue Cheese Autoflower delivers on immense flavor, aroma, and effect.

She is not dependent on light cycles, so you can harvest multiple times per year outdoors. A small stealth plant that will reward you with highly aromatic buds in 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making her extremely quick and a low maintenance autoflowering cultivar.

The flavors are off the charts and one of the most desirable strains found across coffee shops, social clubs and dispensaries worldwide. A personal favorite to many and an extremely reliable strain that will stink your entire house out.


Auto Blue Cheese was created after crossing both great strains Auto-Cheese with Auto Blueberry. A match made in heaven and especially for those who enjoy powerful flavors and a calm free high.

We were able to retain the best properties from the parents and have produced a tough, low profile girl who can be grown in a Sea of Green with very little maintenance. Making her an excellent choice for growers living in a colder climate who demand resilient and tough plants.


This lady can take a high amount of organic or hydroponic nutrients and thrives under intense lighting.

She will perform best when grown under HID lighting for either 12 or 18 hours. Blue Cheese Autoflower will produce flowers at week 4 from planting, and will be ready to harvest after week 10.

Her structure will be indica dominant, meaning tight internodal spacing and short side branches.


An absolute solid performer outdoors and well suited for beginner growers trying their hand at autoflowering Cannabis plants.

Thanks to her autoflowering ability, it is possible to plant Blue Cheese Auto seeds every 70 days, allowing for constant harvests all the way until the end of the year in hot climates.

Due to her low profile nature, we highly recommend her to growers who need a stealth and discreet plant for their garden, balcony, or terrace.

Fungal resistance

You cannot go wrong when planting Blue Cheese Autoflower seeds, as she has exceptionally high resilience to cold weather and heat stress. As well as her ability to fight pathogens such as powdery mildew and mold, you can rest assured this autoflowering strain won’t let you down and is perfect for challenging weather.

Flowering time


If you want a fast autoflowering variety, then this girl is perfect for you. She will grow impressive yields in 70 days without being dependent on a set light cycle.


For best results, plant from May until September time, with the ability to harvest multiple times throughout the year.



Blue Cheese Autoflower seeds can produce 300 g/m² (1 oz per square foot) and can be achieved when grown under HID lighting and fed nutrients.


In a hot climate and grown in a large-sized pot, such as 50 liters (13 gallons), she can consistently produce 110 grams (4 oz) per plant.

We advise growing during the Summer months in a South-facing location for the best yields.

Plant height & structure

This autoflowering hybrid will display an indica dominant growth structure, meaning that she will grow up with a stocky and low profile with short intermodal spacing.

Thanks to her indica heritage, once Auto Blue Cheese is flowering, her maximum height will stay close to 100 cm (39 inches) tall and will produce dense, resin coated buds.


It may be a good idea to remove some of the fan leaves that may block out the lower parts of the plants. Make sure she receives plenty of sunlight outdoors and if necessary tie down the side branches to allow more light to enter.

Smell, taste, and effect

Her aroma is what separates her from the rest as we have brought together the deep, fruity, cherry, blueberry and the creamy, lingering stench from the Cheese. This lady can be a very aromatic strain, so make sure you are extra careful when growing her outdoors and indoors, and make ensure your carbon filters are working extra hard when drying the buds out.

The fragrance of a burning joint is a mixture of creamy, sweet, extremely dank and pungent and when smoking a joint, the flavors are enhanced even further! A cup winning flavor that makes you want to hold every puff in for as long as possible.

The longer you cure Auto Blue Cheese flowers, the more profound the flavors will become, making this your new favorite head stash.

The effects of the Autoflower Blue Cheese can be described as a feeling of being calm, composed and at peace. Perfect for those who intend to unwind after a long physical day and enjoy a dreamy high that comes with an incredible flavor.

THC levels will range between 14-18%, so her effects are not as sleepy as the Cheese, and a great choice for those looking for a laid-back high and effect.


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