Blackjack seeds will grow into a super hybrid that delivers delicious earthy flavors and a fast flowering period. She has a high resilience to cold and wet weather and works wonderfully during short Summers. Growing Blackjack outdoors is advised as she likes to stay low, making her great for those who need discretion and a fast blooming strain.

She is a feminized strain that displays true hybrid vigor, bold earthy pungent flavors and produces an exhilarating high. A fine blend of indica and sativa genetics that takes between 8–9 weeks to flower.

Black Jack seeds will grow into a low profile plant that is best for growers with experience growing sativas and more challenging cultivars. Overall, a wonderful strain for anyone who spends the time to train their plants, and a superb choice for SCROG.


We created Blackjack cannabis seeds by crossing the super potent indica Black Domina with our Jock Horror. We managed to produce offspring that enhanced the yield and effect of the Jock Horror whilst retaining the high resilience and flavor profile from the Black Domina side.

A fine choice for growers looking for a fast finisher with a high plant resistance that will express a sativa dominance whilst growing.


Blackjack is a low profile hybrid despite her sativa influence, meaning that she will grow medium height, so a fine choice for bedroom growers or those with limited space.

Her growth structure is more Black Domina dominant during the vegetative phase, so will grow with short internodal spacing, resulting in a small stretch once flowering begins.

Plants will be ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks of flowering, where the buds will swell into large sized nugs coated in resin.


Outdoors, Blackjack seeds will grow into short and stocky plants, with a bushy structure and profile. Once flowering starts, the plants will stretch and double in size, making them medium height.

She is a very productive plant that will produce great results in all climates, and will perform especially when in a hot climate such as California.

Fungal resistance

Thanks to her blend of indica and sativa genetics, Blackjack Feminized will have a high resistance to all types of weather. She can fight off mold and mildew and can endure heat stress with no problems.

Flowering time


Under HID lighting, plants will require 8-9 weeks before they are ready to harvest. Some phenotypes will take longer than others, and we advise inspecting the trichomes after week 8 to make sure you have the optimal harvest window.


Outdoors, Blackjack can take between 56-65 days depending on the climate, location, and pot size. It is recommended to plant the seeds outdoors in Spring time, with a harvest date of early October.



Yields of 450 g/m² (1,5 oz per square foot) can be achieved indoors under HID lighting, and fed nutrients. With longer vegetative times and applied training, it is possible to enhance yields even further.


Outdoors, it is possible to harvest 650 grams (22 oz) per plant can be achieved under the right circumstances. For the best yields possible, keep the plants in a South-facing location.

Plant height & structure

The final height of the plants once full stretched will be around 100 cm (39 inches) tall, making her a low profile hybrid.

Her growth structure will be similar to the Black Domina parent, and grow with a medium tall central cola, with bushy wide branching.


Blackjack Feminized react very well to topping, tying down and pruning. We advise growing her through a screen for the biggest yields possible, and to maximize your indoor space if limited with room.

Some plants may require staking with bamboo or a net trellis to help support the heavy yielding side branches.

Smell, taste, and effect

One of the best things about this girl is her aroma and flavor. Blackjack will have an overwhelmingly pungent odor that is a combination of earth, citrus, spices, and lemon.

Her flavors are bold and long-lasting, encouraging a licking of the lips after every pull of a joint. A concoction of pungent, dank, citrus will coat the mouth with a moorish flavor that you will quickly grow to love.

When smoking a joint of Blackjack, the effects will be an immediate sensation of focus, motivation and pure mental energy. Well recommended for busy individuals who need to remain sharp during a working day. Furthermore, an excellent choice for starting the day right with a fresh cup of coffee to stimulate the mind and all senses!

Her THC levels will range between 16-20% with a CBD of 0.1-1% making this strain ideal for morning and daytime use, or those who do not want the effects of powerful indica strains. Medical patients may find Blackjack will improve feelings of well-being, helping lower depression and grow motivation.


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