Black Domina is an indica dominant hybrid that is easy to grow, big yielding, sturdy, and a low-profile plant. She performs incredibly well indoors and outdoors, requiring little maintenance.

THC levels can test as high as 22% making her a heavy hitter that can endure all climates well. A wonderful choice for beginner growers who want a fast flowering and super-reliable hybrid.

A frost machine that is easy to trim, makes phenomenal hash and extracts, and packs the punch real connoisseurs are looking for. This girl dumps copious amounts of large-sized trichomes, making her a go-to strain for hash makers and professional extract artists.

Nirvana’s black Domina seeds develop medium-sized plants that are a cross of old school genetics, and have some serious potency with a unique, powerful spicy and herbal flavor. A low maintenance strain that is recommended to beginners that produce an abundance of buds and sugar leaf.


By crossing the most resinous Hash Plant, we could find with super resilient Northern Lights and Afghani plants, the result is a very tough hybrid that will display the most desirable traits from the parental lines.

Flowering time will vary from 8-9 weeks depending on the phenotype, with all plants displaying homogenous traits.


Thanks to her indica dominance, you can expect Black Domina Feminized to grow stocky with thick indica fan leaves. She will produce a very fat main stem and can take large amounts of nutrients. The intermodal spacing will be short and stacked, giving her a very bushy profile during the vegetative period.

We recommend growing this strain in a Sea of Green set up using smaller sized pots and keeping the plants closer together.


An indica dominant plant that will grow with a short and stocky structure, keeping a low profile during the vegetative stage. Tight and compact internodal spacing combined with chunky, wide fan leaves make her a great strain for discreet gardens and once flowering will double in size.

Fungal resistance

With Northern Lights and Hash Plant parents, you can expect Black Domina to withstand all climates with ease. A solid producer under heat stress and cold nighttime temperatures. You won’t need to worry about mold, as she is exceptionally resilient in that department.

Flowering time


Flowering time will take 56-63 days, depending on the phenotype. The biggest producing plants will require a full 9 weeks.


We recommend planting Black Domina seeds in May with a harvest date of the middle of October in mind. Some plants will finish around 56 and others require 63.



Indoor under HID lighting, yields of 500 g/m² (1,6 oz per square foot) can be achieved. With plant training and regular amounts of nutrients, it is possible to enhance yields even further.


For an indica dominant strain, Black Domina plants can produce an impressive 600 grams (21 oz) per plant of dense, golf ball sized buds.

It is advised to grow outdoors in a large-sized container such as 50-100 liters (13-26 gallons) or as a volume of plants in smaller sized pots such as 10 liters (2 gallons).


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