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Originating from Northern California, Black Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that would be a treasure for any smoker. Bred from the indica-dominant Blackberry and well-balanced hybrid Diamond OG, the resulting appearance resembles that of a diamond in that its trichomes glisten and glitter, accenting the royal purple leaves entwined within.

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Black Diamond

Originating from Northern California, Black Diamond is a rare indica-dominant strain, considered a treasure among the weed community. Not only is this strain ideal for smokers seeking stronger therapeutics, but it’s also great for social gatherings as it induces bouts of laughter and giggles. This majestic strain is bred from Blackberry and Diamond OG, resulting in one of the most aesthetically pleasing hybrids on the market with its beautifully crystallized trichomes! The high from Black Diamond is sophisticated and rich, as it offers lucid perception while also relaxing the body of its smoker. This strain is considered the crown jewel of hybrids, as it not only tastes great but can also aid the body as well.


Black Diamond is considered to be a highly sedative strain, therefore may be particularly ideal for those with insomnia as it induces deep, restful sleep. Considered one of the more social strains, this dynamic hybrid can enhance concentration aiding in its overall ability to help spark conversations. This strain is well regarded for helping alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, feelings of nausea as well as anxiety. Black Diamond helps sooth its smoker, relaxing their body, and can help with mood swings, stress and depression. Moreover, this special hybrid is also well known for evoking feelings of hunger, which makes it great for social gatherings, night time TV binge-watching, as well as being a great choice for those wanting a larger appetite. In addition, we caution that rare yet potential side effects may include:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiousness

Black Diamond induces a fast-acting high, and may amplify stimuli such as nearby sounds. In addition, some consider this strain to be an aphrodisiac which makes it perfect for setting the mood for a bit of bed-time recreation! 😉

THC Concentration & History

Indica-dominant, Black Diamond offers 18-24% THC levels, and 1% CBD. This strain is approximately 70% indica and 30% sativa. The parent strains are the flavourful Blackberry and Diamond OG, the latter of which derives from the extremely popular OG Kush, considered one of the most legendary strains with its own enigmatic history.

Appearance & Aroma

This majestic strain offers an appearance equally as sophisticated as its aroma. In some phenotypes, vibrant lines of purple accentuate the glistening, frosty, trichomes which crown Black Diamond. This strain’s body is broad and dense, with sage green buds and light brown pistils. The frosted trichomes carry a sticky-like structure making it a challenge to bust by hand. The aroma emitted is often considered to be fruity, tangy, with rich berry tones similar to finer wines; the aftertaste is woody, musky, and overall quite pungent, which makes it a great treat before you hit your royal chambers.

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8 reviews for Black Diamond
  1. Javelin Tr

    Excellent strain. The effects on gradually. Helped me with both my appetite as well as my anxiety. I found myself giggling at the smallest things, and who doesn’t love giggling?

  2. Arnold Tyson

    Great for bipolar disorder. If you have trouble with your mind spinning out of control this will help focus your thoughts more coherently! You will be high yet focused and upbeat and definitely talkative lol

  3. Louis Morin

    One of the first strains I had ever smoked and I have to say it was one of the best highs I have ever experienced since. The effects came almost immediately after smoking a bowl and it had me laughing all night long.

  4. Rayan

    My favorite strain to date. Helps my pain and sleep emensely!

  5. Evans brooks

    Just smoke some Black Diamond and even the smallest amount of this strain got me super high even! Help me with chronic pain and my anxiety. Smells great, looks amazing and would consider buying this one again!

  6. Teddy the unknown

    I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. I was funny as fuck, making myself and everyone around me laugh as well. Had way too much fun during this high. Ate a fuckload of food and really chilled out with music.

  7. Julia

    this is the B E S T strain for women with endometriosis, or just regular women with normal cramps. Fire

  8. John moonga

    Total knock out. Great diesel smell with a floral fuel taste. Nice stony weed and is sure to please. Good for any occasion but work.

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