Amnesia Haze Autoflower is an enormous, fast flowering producer when grown in a hot climate, finishing as quickly as 11 weeks.

Highly potent and recommended for smokers who enjoy long-lasting effects, and ideal for daytime use, as well as the first joint of the day. She is better suited for those who are experienced with long flowering sativa varieties and those who live in a hot climate with a long summer. We do recommend this auto-flowering cultivar to those who have experience with sativa strains.

An autoflowering version of one of the most popular Hazes to hit Europe! A cerebral rollercoaster packed with citrus and lemon terpenes that flowers in 11-13 weeks. Expect massive yields with Amnesia Haze Autoflower seeds and remember smoking too much may leave you with short-term memory loss! She produces large-sized clusters of trichomes and is a real pleasure to grow.


Amnesia Haze Auto is created by crossing our autoflowering stud, Ruderalis, with the world-famous Amnesia Haze. The results are a sativa dominant hybrid that remains medium height and compact thanks to her Ruderalis heritage.

Similar to Amnesia, this girl will grow with thin bladed fan leaves and thin woody branches. We recommend growing this variety in a Sea of Green formation, and it is best suited to growers with moderate to high experience levels. She does not require much maintenance, however due to her sativa dominance will take much longer than other autoflowering strains.


She may take extra patience, but is well worth the wait! From seed to harvest, Amnesia Haze Auto will require 77-94 days thanks to her sativa dominance, and will pack on the pounds. We recommend planting in smaller-sized pots and grow closely together, as a Sea of Green.


Outdoors, Amnesia Haze Autoflower will take between 10-12 weeks, depending on the phenotype and climate. It is best advised to plant the seeds in June and harvest towards the end of August.

Growers who experience colder and more challenging weather can still expect great results from this auto-flowering cultivar.

Fungal resistance

Amnesia Haze Autoflower is a tough and reliable plant, that is resistant to heat stress and heavy winds. An excellent cultivar that thrives in hot weather and can endure cold temperatures with ease.

Flowering time


These plants will need at least 11 weeks before harvesting, with some plants needing 13 weeks when grown under HID lighting. She is a heavy feeder, so be prepared to feed high amounts of nutrients.


Expect plants to be ready for harvesting outdoors between 11-13 weeks. Hot climates will find most plants are ready in 77 days.

As she is such a productive plant that has massive yielding potential, it is best to check the trichomes are fully mature when considering harvesting the Amnesia Haze Auto-flower seeds.



Thanks to the influence of the Ruderalis, Amnesia Haze Auto does not require 12/12 lighting to flower and will do so automatically indoors or outdoors. She is capable of producing 400 g/m² (1.3 oz/sq ft).


Outdoors, she does incredibly well and can produce yields of 90 grams (3 oz) per plant when grown closely together in a Sea of Green. She also performs incredibly well when grown in a large-sized container and left in a South-facing location.

Plant height & structure

She will grow quickly with large internodal spacing and, when flowering, produce chunky, sativa dominant buds that are oozing with trichomes. Plants will grow as tall as 120-150 cm (47-59 inches). The aroma when flowering is a sharp citrus blend of lemon, orange, and Mandarin terpenes, that will fill the room as she begins to pack on some serious weight.


Due to the heavy buds produced from Amnesia Haze Auto, staking plants for support is recommended. It is advised to use bamboo canes or a net trellis to hold the heavy side branches.

Smell, taste and effect

Be prepared for Cannabis Cup winning flavors and an uplifting, euphoric high that keeps on going, due to the THC levels of 16-20%.

Smoking Amnesia Haze Auto will be a delight to the senses, with feelings of happiness and focus. Certainly, one for those who keep a busy schedule and like to be sharp throughout a working day. A great choice for summer, days at the beach, long walks in nature, reading, gaming, musicians, and anyone who like to be creative and are easily inspired.

Her flavors will last all the way down to the bottom of the joint, which can be experienced as tropical, earthy, citrus, and orange. Once you try Amnesia Haze Auto, you will fall in love with her taste, effect, and quickly see why she is the most popular haze variety on the market, and a coffee shop classic in Amsterdam and all of Holland!

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Now you can grow Europe’s favorite sativa as an auto-flower, that is well worth the wait and will reward you with massive yields of fruity, citrus, mandarin, and haze terpenes.

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